Download Dingo Shield™

Today, there is a Dingobot waiting to give you a download link for the Dingo Shield™ tile. We want to welcome you into our “Ask for help” Slack channel, get your download link, and say Hello!

  1. Go to to get a FREE invite to our Dingo Tiles™ - Ask for Help Slack account.
  2. Say hello! Some of us live all around the world and fingers crossed there is someone who will say hello back!
  3. Type /download-shield to talk to the Dingobot and request a download URL. You can do this in any channel.


    Privately, only you will see the following:


    You can click on this link to download the tile.

    Publicly, the little Dingobot will celebrate the occasion:


    The URL is valid for a few minutes. If you need a new URL, you can type /download-shield again.

  4. We are very happy to help you (we like screensharing via Zoom) to get the Dingo Shield™ tile installed.

    We have also written up an Installation guide.

  5. We are also happy to help your plaform operators to use the tile and to write custom Shield Plugins.

  6. Come back to Slack any time to ask for help or advice about our products or Pivotal Cloud Foundry® in general.

  7. Please suggest improvements, or make suggestions for other Pivotal Cloud Foundry® products that you would like us to create for you.

  8. Our Sales team will follow up to ensure you are very happy and to arrange payment for the Dingo Shield™ product.