Installing to Pivotal Ops Manager


  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry®
  • 512M in the system organization
  • AWS account
  • AWS credentials with full S3/IAM privileges (see Setup AWS IAM user)

Upload tile

The tile can be downloaded from

Click “Import a Product” on the left hand side of your Ops Manager dashboard. Select the dingo-s3-x.y.z.pivotal file to upload.

The “Dingo S3™” product will appear in the “Available Products” list. Click “Add” to move it to the Installation Dashboard.

The first time you upload/install the tile it will appear with a red lower border. This means it is not yet ready to be installed - there are mandatory configuration that you will need to provide. Notably, the AWS API credentials.

Setup AWS IAM user

The Dingo S3™ tile requires AWS API credentials that will be used for two purposes:

  • Create & destroy S3 buckets
  • Create & destroy IAM users to have read/write access to those S3 buckets

Create an AWS IAM group with IAMFullAccess and AmazonS3FullAccess policies:


Create an IAM user with this group.

Enter the user’s AWS access & secret keys in the Dingo S3™ tile, and press “Save”.



Return to the Ops Manager dashboard via the “< Installation Dashboard” link at the top left.

The Dingo S3™ tile is now green and is ready to be installed.

Press “Apply Changes”.


The dingo-s3 service should be available to all users after installation. Observe it in the marketplace:

cf marketplace

The output will look like:

Getting services from marketplace in org system / space dingo-s3 as admin...

service          plans                     description
app-autoscaler   bronze, gold              Scales bound applications in response to load
dingo-s3         essential*                Amazon S3 is storage for the Internet.
p-mysql          100mb-dev                 MySQL service for application development and testing
redis            shared-vm, dedicated-vm   Redis service to provide a key-value store

* These service plans have an associated cost. Creating a service instance will incur this cost.

To confirm that you and your users can create & delete buckets:

cf create-service dingo-s3 essential test-bucket

If there are any issues with Internet access or specifically access, or if your AWS credentials are not sufficient, then this command will fail.

To destroy the test bucket:

cf delete-service test-bucket -f