Import existing SQL database backup

Download SQL backup

Clean up SQL

Sometimes SQL backups include the commands to recreate the owner information. This information will not be correct when migrating from old database to new Dingo PostgreSQL™ database. So, strip out all ALTER... OWNER TO commands:

grep -v "^ALTER.*OWNER TO.*$" database.sql > database.noowner.sql

Superuser required?

If your SQL includes CREATE EXTENSION then you will need to run the SQL file as a root/superuser, rather than the normal user credentials.

Firstly, you might need to loosen the security of your PostgreSQL Web UI, such as these phpPgAdmin instructions.

Next, look up the superuser_username and superuser_password from one of your bindings.

cf env <appname>

The output will include $VCAP_SERVICES credentials such as:

  "dingo-postgresql95": [
    "credentials": {
     "host": "",
     "port": 33003,
     "username": "replicator"
     "password": "replicator",
     "superuser_username": "ROOTUSER",
     "superuser_password": "ROOTPASSWORD",

Import SQL via Web UI

Each Web UI will include its own method for allowing SQL to be run against a database.

Our phpPgAdmin tutorial includes a section Import SQL