Example applications for Dingo PostgreSQL™

The community of Cloud Foundry & PostgreSQL users have created some example applications that can bind to Dingo PostgreSQL™ service credentials.

Language Source Code
Java/Spring Spring Music
Node.js Ghost blogging platform


Cloud Foundry documentation includes a section on Configure Service Connections for Spring.

Spring Music is sample application for using database services on Cloud Foundry with Spring Framework.

git clone https://github.com/scottfrederick/spring-music
cd spring-music
./gradlew assemble
cf push
cf cs dingo-postgresql cluster spring-music-pg
cf bs spring-music spring-music-pg
cf restart spring-music


Use https://www.npmjs.org/package/cfenv (source code) to discover service binding credentials to Dingo PostgreSQL™.

See the example application Ghost blogging platform (modified from Ghost v0.7.8 release).

Assuming you have bound a service with pg in its name:

var env = process.env.NODE_ENV || 'development';
var production = env == 'production';

var appEnv = {};
var sqlCredentials = {};
if (production) {
  var cfEnv = require("cfenv");
  var appEnv = cfEnv.getAppEnv();
  var sqlCredentials = appEnv.getService(/pg/).credentials;

The appEnv.getService(/pg/) command will look for the first binding whose service name matches the regular expression /pg/.

Ruby on Rails

Dingo PostgreSQL™ is built to integrate cleanly with the ruby-buildpack and its expected service bindings.

At runtime, the Ruby buildpack creates a $DATABASE_URL environment variable.